Thursday, August 15, 2013

William.S. Speirs 1868-1942

A grave that has all but disintegrated - the motar has all gone leaving just the name of a person long forgotten! Nishatganj Cem, Lucknow. Must have
died in the 1940's.

I searched the Families in British
India Society  (FIBIS) database and
found listed William Stephen Speirs
Baptism 1868 Marriage 1889 and burial 1942.
In December, 1926, when we visited Lucknow a second time to attend the Annual Meeting of the Indian Historical Records Commission, we met an elderly resident of Lucknow, one Mr William Stephen Speirs, a Government servant, and one of the descendants of Joseph Short, who very kindly took us to the old Christian cemetery where the Armenian queen, Mariam Begum Sahiba, was laid to rest on the 5th April, 1849. We were shocked to see the disgraceful state of the grave, covered with rubbish..."
Also buried in the Nishatganj Cem is Raphel Short Speirs, wife of John Speirs. What was the relationship?
(Blog author: The cemetery referred to is the one at Kaiserbagh not far from the Police Station. Today it is inaccessible and I have never seen the inside.)

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