Thursday, May 4, 2017

Mrs Merle Jenkins died early 1970's

Live along with Mrs Walker
Annie Clarke and
Evelyn Rebello (sister
of Henry Rebello, Indian
triple jumper 1948 Olympics)
at A1 Lawrence Terrace.
She died early 1970's.
(Nishatganj Cem., Lko)


  1. I remember this - my mum had visited Mrs Walker the previous day on her way home from work and found Mrs Jenkins very ill. She took her to hospital and when she died the next day, the hospital contacted my mother. I remember my mother feeling very sad because Mrs Jenkins had no family to mourn for her, but I was young enough to think that that was a good thing.
    By the way, here is the link to the AI website I was telling you about with the In Memoriam section, besides the main one on finding lost friends and relatives:

  2. Thanks! With the passage of time it becomes harder to find anyone who remembers. I first thought she had died at the Homes then I remembered she died LT.