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A tribute to Edgar Tuck Dec 1932 -- Dec 2017

Nelson Gardner -- The passing of a dear friend and colleague

A tribute sent to Clayton Roberts in Perth, Australia
Edgar Tuck c. 1966

Dear Clayton,
Could you forward these few words on to all those Martinians who remember the  teachers of
the same era of our beloved late Edgar Tuck 1950 and late 60's

Edgar and I grew up together in Allahabad, one of the University Cities of Uttar Pradesh, India
While we did not go to the same school, we did our Teacher Training at the same college. We happened to be the first two men students at St Mary's Training College when it became co-ed.
We taught together for a short period in Allahabad,  Boy's High School before Edgar left for Sherwood College Naini Tal, and then later to the La Martiniere College, Lucknow. We did o
ur University studies together and even qualified in the same subjects for our Bachelor, and Master's Degrees.

My wife, Thea and I have known Edgar for over 75 years, he was a dear friend, colleague and mentor. He was the Best Man at our wedding 59 years ago. What a shock to us when we got the news of his demise on the eve of our 59th Wedding Anniversary, and 3 days before his 85th birthday. We often talked on the phone and frequently visited him in Brisbane.

Thea and I are still grieving the loss of this wonderful person, who was not only a dedicated teacher, but full of compassion and sincerity. Two days ago we received a Anniversary Card from Edgar. He dictated those lovely words that will be in our memory forever. Wishing us and recalling how he got to our wedding from Lucknow to Kanpur, in Hugh Dignam's Morris Car along with Betty and Phyllis Larkins. But most of all expressing his regret as he had planned to surprise us for our 60th Anniversary.

This wonderful, gentleman, was not only a mentor to me but also like a brother. I joined the Martiniere in Jan. 1958. Edgar was responsible for getting me the teaching position in the Martiniere, where I remained till Dec. 1968, before leaving for Australia. We were young, fresh teachers who were keen and ambitious. Bryan Cooke, Mel Green, Edgar Tuck, Nelson Gardner. That is when I learned to play Lawn TEnnis; which I play to this day. One of the few schools that has grass courts for staff to enjoy, what a privilege!

As we journey through LIFE we meet and interact with many people, but those who touch our lives remain with us forever. Edgar. deserves all the great and wonderful accolades, he was a GIANT, not only in the Feld of EDUCATION but in every way; and those who knew him, have sincerely been touched by his compassion, dedication and sincerity.

I can think of no better words than those I borrow from Longfellow's poem, The Psalm of Life, with apologies to WW Longfellow.

People like Edgar remind us of & Leave us with "FOOTPRINTS ON THE SANDS OF TIME."
THANK YOU, DEAR FRIEND, Goodbye! Hail, Hail, the name we own..."

Thea & I shall cherish all the memories Edgar left us with of Allahabad, Lucknow, but most of all most of all our years in the Lucknow La Martiniere as colleagues. May HE REST IN PEACE!

Nelso and Thea Gardner

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