Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Audrey Jehangir 1930-1990


BORN 27TH NOV 1930

(The top slab is always one piece!Grass growing from below hasseparated the two strips.)

Hi Glenda, some time backI was in a conversation withan old LT resident and it wasn't possibleto talk about Lawrence Terrace without mentioningthe Kings and then, since I havethis blog, I realized that I didn't knowwhere Mrs Jehangir was buried, nor her mother!Yesterday morning I was passing throughNishatganj and decided to drop into the cemeterysince I had not done so for some weeks. Despitethe terrible heat but armed with a 'gamcha' (thin cotton cloth that is used to wrap one's head, specially in summer) that I'd just bought from the footpath, I went in. It wasn't the time for clicking pictures but I still walked around and wassurprised when I came across this grave.Your two families were very close many years ago. Tell me, where is Cheryl Ann? Do you have any idea what year Mrs King passed on? Was Mrs King an Elliotearlier? I seem to remember she had a son a Maj Elliot! I couldn't, once again, locate you email addressso this was the best I could do.Let's see when!!!



  1. Hi George,
    I'm not at my own computer so I hope I can send this comment. Yes, Aunty Audrey and my mum were the closest of friends from before they were both married till my mum passed away in Sept 1982. This is the first time I've seen a photo of Aunty's grave -- was about to ask you to take one for me. Yes, I'm in constant touch with Cheryl Anne, now Rawat, who lives in NOIDA. Mrs King was first married to an Elliot -- Major Trevor Eliot was her son and there was another daughter, Noreen Jackson, who died in 1983. Mrs Eliot/King was a Miss Bartlett -- I think you featured her brother's grave here about six months ago. I will message Cheryl and tell her to read this blog. As it is, I sent Mary Roga's son Lenny to this site last week when he visited us in Pune -- he was touched and grateful at his mother's being featured here.
    At the moment I`m in Baltimore as my elder daughter is expecting a baby soon -- our first grandchild. This is her computer. If I can't send it from here, I will use my phone. My email is michelle.glenda@gmail.com.

  2. HI Glenda, thanks for the quick response! I knew you would have the infomation I sought on Audrey Jehangir's family.
    It is celebration time for you with your first grandchild on the way. I'll withhold the congratulations for later.