Saturday, November 2, 2013

Dolly O'Bediah

Dolly Obediah - Nishatganj Cemetery, Lucknow
I was happy to come across Dolly Obediah's grave while searching for another on All Souls Day (Nov 2, 2013).
Dolly was a nurse who spent her last years at the Crosthwaite Homes, Lucknow.  Nearby graves indicate she must have passed away at the beginning of the 1990's.
After an aunt of mine died end of the '80's, Dolly, who had helped prepare many bodies for burial as a professional nurse and continued to do so long after retirement, wondered who would do the same for her!
According to an article by Barbara Crossette in
The New York Times, dated June 20 1991 there
were nine other women at the Crosthwaite Homes in Lucknow when the writer visited, naming only Elizabeth Young, Annie Clarke
and Marjorie Whitby, former vice principal of
La Martiniere Girls' School besides Dolly O'Bediah. Dolly's age was given as 76. Mrs Young later left the homes to live with her daughter in Kanpur.
Not mentioned in the article was Winnifred Perry who was found dead in her room two years later (in 1993).

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