Saturday, December 5, 2015

Charles Moses died cir 1948, Alma Charles Moses died cir 1983

DIED circ 1948
Blogger: Charles Moses
ran a confectionery specialising
in wedding cakes. I had no idea when
he had passed on, till I came across
his grave on Friday. He had made my
parents wedding cake in December, 1946
and almost thirty years later, in February
1976, my cake.
Several days earlier I came across
the grave of Alma Charles Moses. Now, I do
not know whether she was Charles' widow,
something I need to check, or whether she
was his daughter-in-law. Many years ago
the Moses family had to leave the old
confectionery premises which was
apparently rented. The sons continued
the business independently using
their fathers name. Now at least one
son has passed on and his son has
taken over.
DIED circ 1983

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